Deficit Recovery Contributions

Current Deficit Recovery Contributions

Following the Buy In by Just in June 2022 there was a reduction in the deficit recovery contributions (DRCs) paid by employers towards the DB Plan to £1 per month.

The member mailing of August 2023 confirmed that the Trustee will continue to collect £1 per month from each employer so that the direct debit facility remains open should there be a significant change in circumstances. If there is a significant detrimental change, employers may be asked to increase their contributions. 

Historic Deficit Recovery Contributions

For 2012, they were fixed at 8.4% of pensionable income

For 2013 they were fixed at 11% of pensionable income and this level continued for 2014 and 2015

From 1st January 2016, the method for calculating DRCs will be based on an employer’s position in March 2015 and assessed as follows:

The 2016 contribution rate will be 12% for most employers, but employers with less than six years of total participation in the scheme will pay a lower rate.

The rate for churches and other employers that participated in the DB Plan for less than 1 year will be 6%, and this will increase by 1% for each additional year of participation to the maximum of 12% for churches and other employers with more than 6 years of participation in aggregate.

The formula for the monthly 2020 DRCs is:

Contribution due in March 2019


2020 % contribution rate 11%


Minimum Pensionable Income in 2020 Minimum Pensionable Income in 2019

This method of calculating DRCs will NOT affect the calculation of member or employer contributions to the DC Plan, which will continue to be based on each member’s actual Pensionable Income.

Organisations which do not currently employ a member of the scheme, but who did employ a member of the DB plan at any point between 2nd September 2005 and the plan's closure on 31st December 2011, are also required to make DRCs unless they have settled the employer debt to the scheme in full. These payments are at the same level as above.



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