How much should I save?

You should consider the lifestyle you wish to have when you retire and how much it might cost.

If you can afford it, you may wish to top up your pension fund by making Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) and this can be arranged by contacting Broadstone Consultants & Actuaries Ltd, the Scheme administrators. 

Important: see the notes below for limits on pension saving tax relief.

If you are unsure whether paying AVC’s is right for you, then please seek independent financial advice.


UK tax legislation limits the value of pension benefits that anyone can earn each year without incurring an additional tax charge.

If you save more than this set amount in the tax year (including employer contributions and AVCs) in total across your Baptist pension account AND any other pension schemes to which you may contribute, then you may be subject to such a tax charge.

In addition, there is a limit on the total amount of pensions saving you may make across all UK tax-privileged pension arrangements throughout your life without incurring additional tax charges – this is called the “Lifetime Allowance” or LTA. This “Lifetime Allowance” may be relevant if you were previously in a well-paid job with generous pension provision.

Additional information on taxation and contributions can be found in the Minsters & Staff Section and Basic Section explanatory booklets in the Document Store.  There is also additional information on the Pensions Newsletters page.


Tax legislation is very complicated, so if you think you might be affected, you should seek advice from an accountant, tax advisor or independent financial advisor. Neither the Scheme administrators nor your church/employer can give you tax advice about your pension.


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