Your Investment Choices

The value of your pension account is affected by how it is invested. When you joined the DC plan you will have chosen an investment fund option or options.

However the fund choice you made when joining the scheme does not have to remain the same throughout your Active Membership and it’s important that you keep reviewing your investment strategy, and make any changes when needed. What is right for you now, may not be appropriate in the future.

Before choosing to switch funds you may wish to take independent financial advice.

For more information see:

DC Plan - Default Investment Options

Ethical Investment Policy

To help you monitor how your investment option or options are performing, Legal and General, the firm your pension is invested with, produces fund reports every quarter, which you can view on the L&G website at any time.

You will also receive an annual statement from L&G showing you how your own pension account is performing. You can monitor the value of your pension account whenever you wish, by going onto the secure Legal & General website where you can set up password protected access if you have not already done so.

You can change your investment choices through the Legal & General website, or by telephoning them on 0345 070 8686 and entering pin number 97 when prompted by the recorded message.  The person who answers your call will then know that you are ringing about the Baptist Pension Scheme.