Fund Information

Your Investment Choices

The value of your pension account is affected by how it is invested. When you joined the DC plan, initially your contributions will have been in invested in the BPS Ethical Default Lifestyle Fund. You may subsequently have decided to "self select" your investment funds from a range of options.

The fund choices you make do not have to remain the same throughout your Active Membership and it’s important that you keep reviewing your investment strategy, and make any changes when needed. What is right for you now, may not be appropriate in the future.

Before choosing to switch funds you may wish to take independent financial advice.

To help you track how your investment option or options are performing, the Scheme administrators, Broadstone Consultants & Actuaries Ltd provide you with access to Broadstone Engage Member, a secure website on which you can monitor the value of your pension account whenever you wish. You can change your investment choices at any time through the same secure website.


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