Welcome to the Retired members page. Here you can find all the information you need to know about your pension.

The Baptist Pension Scheme contains two Plans - the Defined Benefits Plan (formerly known as the Baptist Ministers' Pension Fund) and the Defined Contribution Plan. Your pension benefits depend on which Plan(s) you belonged to.

Use the table below to see which Plan(s) you were part of:

Scheme Plan

 Defined                       Benefit (DB)

 Defined               Contribution (DC)  Defined Benefit and               Defined Contribution

Did you pay contributions before December 2011?

Did you pay contributions after 1 January 2012?

You were in the :

Defined Benefits (DB) Plan only (known as the Baptist Ministers' Pension Fund)

Defined Contribution (DC) Plan only

Defined Benefits Plan (Baptist Ministers' Pension Fund)


Defined Contribution Plan

If you were a member of both Plans, then you may need to view both the Defined Benefits Member and the Defined Contribution Member pages of this website.

However, if you combined your Defined Contribution fund and your Defined Benefits fund so that you receive all your pension from the Baptist Pension Scheme, rather than having some of it from an independent annuity provider, then please refer only to the Defined Benefits Member pages of this website.

If you had more than one separate period of membership in the Defined Benefits Plan, with different membership numbers, your benefits are combined into one pension from the scheme at retirement.

Recent Member communications regarding the transition of DB plan benefits to the insurance company Just Group can be found here Just Group Buy Out Member Communications.

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