How the Scheme works

Membership is open to accredited and non-accredited Baptist Ministers and to the staff of the Baptist Unions, Regional Associations, Baptist Colleges, and churches that are in membership with one of the Baptist Unions. Fuller details of eligibility are on the page headed The Structure of the Scheme.

There is no compulsion to join - employers are free to choose which pension arrangements they offer to their staff.  When auto enrolment begins, staff who have been auto enrolled are free to opt out if they wish.

From 1st January 2012 the Scheme has been on a Defined Contribution (DC) basis, (also commonly known as a money purchase plan).

Prior to 1st January 2012, benefits were built up on a Defined Benefit (DB) basis, (also commonly known as a final salary plan).

As an employer it is possible that you may have members with Benefits in both the DB Plan and the new DC Plan. You can find further information about the DB plan in the Closed Defined Benefit section.

However all new members to the Scheme from 1st January 2012 will only be part of the DC Plan.

Before entering the Scheme as an employer, you should familiarise yourself fully with the detailed information in the Scheme booklets. The Ministers & Staff Section and Basic Section explanatory booklets can be found in the Document Store.




February 2024 - Information sent to Employers regarding Employer Contributions and Life Assurance Cover

In February 2024 a letter was sent sent jointly from the Baptist Union and Pension Trustees to all Scheme employers.  The letter gave further details on securing the DB plan and removing future risk exposure as the Buy Out progresses.

Buy Out Employer Letter (DC Section) February 2024




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