How do I Join?

Welcome to our step by step guide to joining the Baptist Pension Scheme. You can download all the documentation you need. However if you require a hard copy of any of the forms or documentation, please contact BBS (the scheme administrators) as follows:

BBS Consultants & Actuaries Limited,

Canard Court,

23-25 St George’s Road,

Bristol BS1 5UU


Phone: 0117 937 8700

1) Ask your employer if they agree to you joining the scheme

You will need to ask your employer if you are able to join the scheme. Your employer has the final say over whether they want their staff members or ministers to join the scheme or an alternative pension arrangement.

2) Decide which Section you wish to join and agree this with your employer

Decide whether to join the Ministers' Section, the Staff Section or the Basic Section. You can find details of the three sections in the explanatory booklets below and the "Am I Eligible to Join" page and the "How Much Will it Cost" page.

Ministers and Staff Section 

Basic Section

Income Protection Insurance: Members of the Ministers' Section and Staff Section only may also benefit from Income Protection Insurance Cover as part of their membership. Full details can be found on the Income Protection Insurance page at  

3) Understand the investment options under the Scheme

You can choose where the contributions to your pension account are invested, from a range of funds provided by Legal & General (L&G).   

Some people actively select the funds in which they invest. However, if you do not want to actively choose your own investments, then your pension account is managed on your behalf by L&G. Your contributions are invested in a ‘default’ fund that is designed to suit as broad a range of people as possible.

On joining the DC Plan your contributions and those of your employer are initially invested in the Baptist Pension Scheme Default LS Option, which is a Lifestyle strategy.

You can find more detail on the Default LS Option here:

DC Plan - Default Investment Option

Ethical Investment Policy

You can switch your investment out of the Default LS Option at any time after receiving your welcome pack from L&G. This welcome pack provides full details of all the investment options available and instructions on how you can securely manage and change your options.

To help your decision making, Legal & General have also provided access to some helpful tools which will help you understand your attitude to risk and to work out how much you need to save. If you are uncertain about the right course of action for you, then we recommend you take independent financial advice

4) Complete the application and Expression of Wish forms and return them to BBS

You and your employer should jointly complete the application form below (which also includes a Direct Debit mandate for payment of contributions) and return it to the Scheme administrators, BBS.

Application Form (October 2018) 

Please note that if your employer is enrolling you in the Baptist Pension Scheme to comply with auto enrolment legislation, the regulations require the employer to complete a slightly modified application form on your behalf and you do not have to complete the form. This auto enrolment form is attached below for your employer's use. 

 Automatic Enrolment Membership Application Form (October 2018) 

The Expression of Wish form nominates the person(s) who you would like to receive from the Scheme, any lump sum payable on your death. The person does not have to be related to you. You can update the nomination(s) at any time if your wishes or circumstances change. The choice of beneficiary/ies is at the Trustee’s sole discretion but your wishes will be taken into account.

Expression of Wish Form