When to Inform Us

Please let the scheme administrators know when Member or Employer details change.

Change of Details of Employer Contacts and any Contributing Members - using the Employer Hub

 Bank Account detail changes - complete a fresh Direct Debit form and return to LCP. You can download the form and view completion instructions here: http://www.baptistpensions.org.uk/churches-employers/what-the-employer-needs-to-do/direct-debit-mandate/

 Dates when Ministers/Staff in the scheme are leaving your service or retiring - using the Employer Hub


If you need to contact LCP, the Scheme Administrators, by mail, email, or phone, the details are:

Lane Clark & Peacock LLP

St Paul's House

St Paul's Hill



SO22 5AB

Tel: 01962 672930

Email: team-baptistadmin@lcp.uk.com