Annual Declaration of Pensionable Income (2018)

Last Autumn, the Scheme Administrators (LCP) requested Annual Declaration of Pensionable Income information directly from every employer in the Scheme via the Employer Hub. The time has come to submit these details again for 2018, for each member employed in the Basic, Staff or Ministers sections. This information is used to set the employer and member contributions from the following January.

The information for 2018, needs to be provided to LCP by 17th December 2017 at the latest, to allow sufficient time to process the information and ensure contributions are set to the correct amount for the year. 

If the information is not provided by 17th December, then LCP will base the calculation of contributions for 2018 on the higher of the figure provided for 2017, or the Minimum Pensionable Income for 2018 of £28,750. If you subsequently inform LCP that this is incorrect, it will not be possible to make any adjustment to contributions that have already been collected.

Guidance notes on how to calculate the correct pensionable income for scheme members and how to submit the data to LCP are provided below.

 Definition of Pensionable Income (2018)

 Submission of 2018 Pensionable Income Data - Guidance Note