The Income Protection cover, for members of the Ministers' and Staff Sections of the Scheme, provides benefits if the member is unable to work.

If your employee has been off work due to illness or injury, for 4 weeks or more, please inform the new administrators.

You should also inform the new administrators if you know in advance that there is a possibility a member of the scheme will be off sick for 4 weeks or longer - for example if they are having a scheduled operation.

The new administrators are:

Lane Clark & Peacock LLP ("LCP")

St Paul's House

St Paul's Hill



SO22 5AB

Tel: 01962 672930



If an Income Protection claim is made, then UNUM, the insurers, may ask you to provide information on the claim throughout the sick leave. If a claim is successful then the monthly payment will go to the Employer/Church as you are the insured party.

More information on the benefits for members who are off work due to illness/injury for a long period can be found in the Income Protection Plan document below.

PDF Income Protection Guide