Request for Financial Information


The Trustees of the Baptist Pension Scheme need to obtain basic financial information for the Current and previous employers in the now closed Defined Benefit Plan.  This information is used to assess how likely it is that the participating employers in the DB Plan are able to support the Plan and enable members to get the pension at retirement that they have been promised. This is known as assessing the “employer covenant” and we are legally required to collect this information by the Pension Regulator.

If the Pension Trustee is able to demonstrate that the Scheme has a strong employer covenant, it can have a positive effect on the funding and affordability of the DB Plan which will help all employers in the long run.

Therefore if your church is, or has ever been in the scheme, please submit a copy each year of your latest church or organisation accounts along with the Request for Financial Information Form 2014 to the Pensions Office.

 Please click the document below for more detailed information.

Thank you for your help with this.

 Request for Financial Information Letter 2014

 Request for Financial Information Form 2014 

Request for Financial Information FAQ

If you would prefer to fill in your information electronically then please enter your accounts information into the following WORD document and then email to Please refrain from editing the questions and make sure you click 'save as' to not overwrite the original form.